Notes of Contributors


Journal of Research and Development Studies (JORDS) is a publication of the Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin. Kwara State, Nigeria. The journal is published twice in a year and accepts original articles of scientific research work. Technical notes and reviews in engineering technology and applied sciences. The Journal welcomes articles arising from Science, Engineering, Environmental Technology, Social Science and Humanity for publication. Such articles must emphasize thoughts for construction Modeling, implementation and Evaluation of problems free operation and recommendations on applicability for meaningful and sustainable development. The journal has an internationally recognized editorial board with extensive academic qualifications.


The manuscript should consist of Title page, Abstract, Keywords, and the Main Body which includes Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, and References. The manuscript must be written in English, using Time new Romans font; 14 points capital case for the title, 12 points Title case for the author(1) and headings, 10 point for affiliation, 12 points for subheadings and text, 25cm on all margins for page set up and a maximum of 16 pages per article, typed with double line spacing on A4 size paper.


Title Page should include the title, not exceeding 16 words, the author’s name(s), which shall be surname followed by initials of other names with no title. The affiliation of author(s) should be below the author’s name(s).


Abstract should not exceed 250 words.


Keywords should be provided beneath the abstract and not more than 5 words.


Introduction should contain in brief, background to the work, problems intending to solve, objective of the research, recent literature review related to the work.


Materials and Methods will include experimental methods, apparatus, experimental design, theoretical analysis, or description of the equipment used for the work. Standard procedures may not be presented, but references should be made to authenticate sources. For Papers that involve theoretical analysis, this is where the theory is presented.


Results and Discussion could be presented in descriptive, tabular or graphical forms and should clearly state the contributions and relevance of the findings. Duplication must be avoided.


Conclusion summarizes the contributions and relevance of the findings. It should be a brief summary stating what the investigation was about, the major result obtained and whether the results were conclusive and recommendations for future work, if any.


Authors should ensure the accuracy of their references. APA style of referencing should be followed. References must include all authors’ names and initials follow by year of publication. Titles of articles and full journal names, with volume and pages stated. References cited within the text should contain the first named author’s name, (followed by et al for co-authored papers) and. The date the document was accessed should be quoted for electronic copies.

For example:

(Elelu, 2017) for sole authored papers, Ajibade and Oyebode (2018) for double authors and (Elelu, et al., 2018), for multiple authors.

The referencing should be in the form;

Elelu, M.U. (2016).The effect of Solid Waste Leachate on the Growth of Dry season Cultivation of Maize, Journal of Agricultural Engineering. 45(1):30-45

Nwa, E.U. Oyebode, Y.O and Isung, J.O. (2018). Mathematical Modeling of Catalytic Reactions. 2nd Ed. John Wiley Inc.NY.S

Olaoye, J.O, Kudabo, E.A and Olawuwo, C. F (2010). Development and Performance Evaluation of Briquet Making Machine. Journal of Engineering Management, vol. 18, pp.1-11 http://www/ accessed 25 January, 2009.


Tables should have caption on top of the numbered in Arabic numerals. Graphs should be done in MS-Excel. Figures should be in Jpeg or with format compatible with Jpeg. All equations must be typed using Microsoft equation editor.


S. I Unit and Metric system only must be used.

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